Lunacraft Productions is an independent film production company and creative content studio.

Based in Sydney, LUNACRAFT PRODUCTIONS is an independent production company supported by a growing team of passionate storytellers and talented artists, specialising in films and creative content.

Founded in 2015, our first micro short film, Lost & Found, won the inaugural Dolby Sound Challenge which was mixed in the fully immersive new technology, Dolby ATMOS at Soundfirm Melbourne and earned us a voyage to the Dolby Suites Hollywood where we worked alongside Senior Dolby Engineers utilising innovative technologies, such as Dolby Atmos and Dolby VISION at Dolby Laboratories in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Both locally and internationally recognised from our contributions and co-productions on web series and digital content, to our 48 Hour International Short Film, Flytrap - a short thriller made under 48 hours, officially selected and screened at the 2019 48ISFF Awards Ceremony at the Directors Guild Of America in Hollywood; Lenny - an award winning short comedy; and our multi award winning Star Wars fan-fiction epic, A Blaster In The Right Hands: A Star Wars Story. LUNACRAFT PRODUCTIONS has achieved strong results from low budgets and is currently developing feature films and a cinematic slate of locally and internationally produced content.

Furthermore, LUNACRAFT has built a diverse client roster including Rooster Teeth Productions, Blizzard Entertainment, Event Cinemas and Fox International Channels. We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals, whether it be video productions, photography, graphic design, illustrations or branded content for their brand and/or company.

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Photographer and an award winning producer based in Sydney, Australia. Carol Jovicic co-founded LUNACRAFT PRODUCTIONS in 2015 and has since successfully produced a diverse slate of projects, as well as working as a photographer across film sets, brands and events for local and international clients, such as Film Ink Magazine, Event Cinemas, FX channel, Rooster Teeth, Blizzard Entertainment and Nikon.


Carol is proud to have produced creative content in collaboration with many creative talents. Her first film saw LUNACRAFT win the Inaugural Dolby Sound Challenge in 2015. And recently, her short films, including A Blaster In The Right Hands: A Star Wars Story, have both been recognised locally and internationally with much acclaim during their festival runs.



A passionate and award-winning filmmaker, Richard de Carvalho initially worked as a graphic designer and art director for national movie publications, before graduating from AFTRS (Australian Film Television Film & Radio School). Richard has since worked across various areas in the entertainment industry with over ten years of film and design experience, culminating a wealth of creative knowledge while pushing the boundaries of his craft. An accomplished director, writer, editor and designer, his love and passion for storytelling and collaborating with diverse industry talents led him to co-founding LUNACRAFT PRODUCTIONS.

Richard’s films are diverse, visually striking and thought provoking, building cinematic worlds featuring unique and fascinating characters. Richard continues to develop a number of projects, including feature films and animated series with a global reach.

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Ashlie Fisher is an AFTRS diploma and Bachelor of Screen Arts graduate with more than four years experience in short film, independent feature film and Television Production, with a myriad of freelance and internship experiences, including VICE Media and Spectrum Films.


With extensive experience in editing, producing, shooting, production managing and assistant directing, including her annual work on NIDA Triple J Unearthed music videos, Ashlie has worked in a number of roles on independent features and shorts that have had screened at dozens of festivals around the world. Ashlie has worked professionally as a Production Assistant and runner, and currently as a Junior Promo Producer at ViacomCBS Media Networks on channels such as; Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central.

Ashlie’s primary interest and passion is creating female-led, genre-focused original stories, ranging from thriller to sci-fi. She enjoys working with Lunacraft Productions for this very reason.



A Sydney based Director of Photography (Grad Dip Cinematography at AFTRS & BA Communications (Media Arts and Production) at UTS) with over 15 years’ experience stretching across Feature films, Documentaries, TVCs, Content, Corporate, Music Videos and VR 360.


Rob Morton's work has been featured in award winning films and TVC's. Most notably, he was nominated by AACTA for “Best Cinematography in a documentary” and won “Best Feature length Documentary” and the International 3D Society for “Best 3D in a Documentary” for his work on Storm Surfers 3D. He has also received numerous awards over the years from his peers at the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS).
Rob's recent work, includes feature length films (The Combination 2: The Hard Road, The Pretend One, Untitled Frank Lowy Documentary, Conquering the Storm, Zach’s Ceremony, Thrown into this World and Legacy),  TV series (Making Families Happy) and various shows for the Disney Channel. Among commercials for clients such as Westpac, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, St George, Chivas, Salesforce, Pacific Magazines, Redbull, Australian Defence Force, Nature’s own,, V Energy, Sony, Coke, Optus and Virgin


Rob has worked as Team Lunacraft's prime DOP with credits from Lunacraft produced shows for Rooster Teeth and Lunacraft short features, Flytrap and A Blaster In The Right Hands - A Star Wars Story. 

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Jayden Lawrence’s musical journey began with a marimba at the back of his Kindergarten classroom, which led him to the piano shortly after. Excelling at Music through high school, Jayden was awarded scholarships to study at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, which was followed up with a Graduate Diploma in Screen Music from the Australian Film Television and Radio School, where he studied under renowned composers Martin Armiger (Police Rescue, Young Einstein), Christopher Gordon (Mao’s Last Dancer, Master & Commander) and synth & tech guru Kirke Godfrey (Mission Impossible II, Anacondas). His well-trained ear and technical competency has earned him a “go-to” status for digital music production and technical assistance, while his work ethic and easy-going nature has secured his spot in the phone-books of several directors and producers working on a range of projects including music for film, trailers, television, and video games.


Jayden is currently based in Los Angeles producing beautiful and thrilling musical scores in Lunacraft's features.

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Erik is a Sydney-based Screenwriter specialising in genre work with both independent and professional experience as a Producer / Production Manager. Erik has developed and produced a considerable number of his own original work, most notably being the ambitious web-based horror series, The Witness Articles. And has since been involved in professional productions for various clients and studios. Erik is a committed creative writer with a flair for high concept, gaining numerous screenwriting credits in his body of work and several degrees under his belt, including a Bachelor and Master of Arts from AFTRS .


Erik has collaborated with Lunacraft Productions across multiple projects since the company's inception. He shares in Lunacraft’s ambitious practices and thrives on the exciting content they consistently produce.



Anya Shcherban is a production designer, concept/storyboard artist, and filmmaker based in Australia. Born in Kiev, Ukraine and having spent the majority of her life living abroad in Europe, Asia, and North America, Anya came to Australia in 2009 and studied Fine Arts in Melbourne before pursuing a career in illustration, and concept artwork for films which inspired her to enter the world of filmmaking. 


Anya has worked extensively in various art department roles from set decorating to costuming and has lead her own teams on productions and has been art directing for several years. She continues to produce concept artwork and storyboards for film productions and advertising agencies. Using various mediums to create her artwork, with digital being her favourite, Anya’s greatest influences are from graphic novels, japanese ink painting and old Russian folktale illustrations, being fan of artists such as Ivan Bilibin, Brett Helquist and Fiona Staples


Coming from an artistic background, Anya has a keen eye for detail, and believes that colour composition is just as important on a set as what goes into it. She enjoys taking on projects that challenge her and let’s her create unique and different worlds, with a love for science fiction and fantasy films, as well as historical period pieces.

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Jesse Love is a Sydney based Costume Designer with over 8 years of experience working in the fashion industry and short films. Before moving to Australia, Jesse discovered her love of costuming, while competing in a wearable arts show and graduating from the Design and Arts College in New Zealand, gaining an Advanced Diploma in Fashion and Design.

In 2013, Jesse worked for fashion brand, Elliott as a Design Assistant while moonlighting as a costume designer for friends and events. In 2016, she was discovered by Lunacraft Productions and given her first opportunity to work on a short film in costuming. She has since worked with Lunacraft across a range of projects, and has produced costumes for Rooster Teeth and Queen of the Jungle Productions.

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Ryan Stubbs is a California based VFX compositor and motion designer with more than 7 years of experience working in short and feature film, television, web series and advertising. A graduate from the Australian Film Television and Radio School in Sydney, Australia, Ryan utilises a diverse background of on-set experience, including lighting and directing, to enhance his visual effects work.


Since completing his contract as a senior prep artist at Animal Logic on Peter Rabbit 2, Ryan now operates between California and Sydney, working on a multitude of short and feature films - both on-set and in post-production - in the visual effects industry, as well as developing his own projects.




Jarryd Hall CSI is a full-time colorist, creating content for cinema, television, commercial and the web. His work includes a range of feature films, television, commercials, documentaries, corporate content and more.

As a full member of the Colorist Society International (CSI) and Australian Cinematography Society (ACS), Jarryd is continuously driven to provide the best images for television, cinema and the web and enjoys collaborating with directors, producers, production companies and storytellers alike.

Jarryd excels at bringing distractive visual styles to life, driving the narrative to keep a consistent look, particular mood and style for every project. 

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Born in Melbourne and now based in Sydney, Andrew Brown is a freelancer, working in animation, motion graphics and visual effects who has collaborated on a wide range of short films, music videos and exhibition installations. Most recently, Andrew has completed a Masters of Animation at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (2019) where he explored techniques to merge digital animated characters with handmade miniature backdrops.


Often eager to work on anything that needs to move, Andrew is most passionate about projects where he can bring characters to life in the name of performance, storytelling, and good old fashioned mischief.